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Michael Horowitz This is my personal website.
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I tweet at @defensivecomput
My latest website: DefensiveComputingChecklist.com is a list, both of things to be aware of, and specific defensive steps that we can take in response to the computer threats of 2019. It first went live in March 2019.
My other website is RouterSecurity.org which I started late in 2015. As of April 2020 it had 4.7 million page views.
My most important blog My recent blogs
ComputerWorld Defensive Computing Blog:
     For 8 years, I blogged about Defensive Computing at Computerworld
CNET Defensive Computing Blog
  From July 2007 through November 2008 I wrote a Defensive Computing blog for CNET. Here is an index of those blog postings.
My old retired websites
  • JavaTester.org has been retired after 30 million page views. An applet that I wrote reported the version of Java used in your browser. For now, the site still exits.
  • FlashTester.org started off as just a link to the Adobe tester page that reported on the version of Flash used in your browser. It also kept a monthly Flash release history from 2003 through 2019. The site was retired in January 2020. Here is what it looked like at the end.
My First Public Blog
  • I started out at Blogger from January through July 2007.
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