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Another miserable visit to an Apple Store

September 21, 2020

I am not part of Apple's world. Perhaps they sense that.

I took car service today to an Apple store where I had an appointment to replace the battery on someone's iPhone. The wait when I got there was short, the Apple person I dealt with was very pleasant. I was told that the phone would be ready to pickup at 5:20PM, a wait of roughly 45 minutes. Fine.

I come back at 5:20PM and the phone is not ready.

Customers waiting for their devices have to stand outside the store. Not sit, stand. In my case, I had to stand for 35 minutes. Thirty five f...ing minutes.

Apple does not offer to call you when your device is ready, you just have to stand there.

They will not text you either, you just stand .... and stand ... and stand ... and stand ...

What they do do is send an email when the phone is ready. To the phone. In the store. Not to me. I can go stand in the street.

The stupidity is brutal.

Are all the time estimates this bad? I don't know. Perhaps they saw my Android phone and decided to screw with me.

As for the phone itself, when I got it back the battery was at 11%.



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