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Lying to non techies

November 9, 2017

Bad things are often put in the best possible light. For example, when a TV or radio show is about to air a commercial, they always say "We'll be right back" rather than "and now a commercial". Glass half empty/full.

I recently came across this concept with an Android phone. The operating system on the phone, version 6.0.1, had been abandoned. There had been no security patches for the last 11 months. Yet, when the user checked for System Updates (Settings => System Updates => Check for system update), the resulting message was "Your device's software is up to date."

The software is not up to date. In November 2017, an Android device with a security patch level of January 1, 2017 is not up to date. What is true, is that there are no outstanding available updates for the phone that have not yet been installed. This is totally different from the software on the phone actually being up to date.

Did Google word this particular message to purposely trick non techies? We'll never know.



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