Get Your Own Internet Domain

This class is currently not scheduled.

This web site is The name "" is referred to, on the Internet, as a domain. Other domains are, and The domain does not include the "www". 

Yahoo and Google are companies. NYPC is a large group. I'm a computer nerd. If you are none of these things, why do you need your own domain? Is it just the Internet equivalent of a vanity license plate? 

Having you own domain can be very useful: 

And it can cost under $10 a year!     

Come to the class to learn all about registering your own domain.

Some Topics: 

If any students want to, I will walk them through the process of signing up for their own domain after class. All that's needed is a credit card. 

The class is two hours.

Never trust a computer nerd who doesn't have their own domain. :-) 

Mastering your own domain by Ed Bott March 8, 2006