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NOTE: This site was moved to a new hosting company in May 2014 and parts of it will be missing for a while...
I spoke on Securing a Home Router at the HOPE conference on July 20, 2014.
A revised PDF of the presentation is available at box.net. (last updated Oct. 4, 2014)
Audio is available at x.hope.net (thanks to 2600)
An article about my talk appeared in Toms Guide
At the end of Jan 2015 I started creating RouterSecurity.org based on the presentation.
Blog: I blog on at Defensive Computing for Computerworld   RSS
In Aug 2014 Computerworld re-did their website. For a while, links to previous blogs were broken, but that got fixed. The reader comments initially disappeared, but were eventually reconstructed. The only lasting effect has been on page layouts. If the blogs prior to the conversion have images all over the place, that's why.
CNET Defensive Computing Blog: From July 2007 through November 2008 I wrote a Defensive Computing blog for CNET.
See all the CNET blog postings in short summary form.
Articles in eSecurityPlanet:
JavaTester: My Java Tester web site reports the version of Java used in your web browser  stats
Articles in Datamation:
Blog: My first blog, a freebie at Blogger, ran from January 2007 through July 2007.
Flash Tester: My FlashTester.org site should be useful to anyone running the Flash Player plugin
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